CNTV News: An exclusive interview with Master Hsing Yun during the World Buddhism Forum in East China’s Wuxi. Exclusive: Buddhist precepts help harmony in world

  • Taking initiative is like boiling water: one must add fuel continuously for the water to boil.
  • Practicing is like walking: one must watch each step for the action to be correct.
  • Taking initiative and practicing are the main ingredients for a successful career.

Being Good invites readers to consider what it means to lead a good life.

A good idea can go a long way, and the best ideas can set us free.

A guided tour of the most essential aspects of Buddhist wisdom and how they can be applied in our own lives and practice.

Gathered here is an ever-expanding collection of Master Hsing Yun’s writings in English, encompassing books, talks, articles, letters, and other writings across Master Hsing Yun’s prolific career as a Buddhist teacher and author.

For those who are learning about Buddhism for the first time, the book The Core Teachings is a good place to start, or browse the collection of Master Hsing Yun’s talks for specific topics of interest.

Additional resources, such as a Buddhist glossary and a list of Buddhist sutras and commentaries with titles in English, Chinese, and Sanskrit, are also provided to help readers study and learn from these teachings.

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