365 Days for Travelers: Aug 10


To have light emitting from our fingers sounds like an
impossibility, but to emit light is not an ability that
only the buddhas and bodhisattvas have. Anyone
who has a pure and sincere heart can radiate with light.

Whenever we encourage or console others, our
mouths emit light as our speech illuminates the way;
when we make circumstances more convenient for
others, we brighten the world with our hands.

When we smile compassionately at others, our faces
radiate with light! Whenever and wherever we give
others happiness and confidence, we allow others to
feel the purity of our wisdom─emitting light both inside and out.

Not only do we shine when we lessen our
selfishness, greed, hate, and argumentativeness, our
lights dispel darkness and illuminate others as well.
In this way, everyone is an illuminating body.