365 Days for Travelers: Aug 9


Excess speech is to cover up lies;
Excess worry is the effect of accumulated desires.

Immerge in serenity to nurture the mind;
Strengthen willpower to focus on goals.

Eradicate any unwholesomeness others are unaware of;
Sincerely realize good in one’s unique approach.

Disgrace not others to honor oneself;
Emphasize not materialism nor neglect the true self.
Bend not in the way of the mundane nor go stray from integrity;
Be not pretentious nor forfeit genuineness.

Excel in the world by bearing the unbearable,
Surpass others by tolerating the intolerable.
Reach for the supreme status of the sage,
Preserve honesty to be a noble civilian.


The fundamental spirit of morality:
Eradicate selfishness, preserve justice.

The foundational practice of morality:
Be filial to your parents, respect elders and seniority.

The norms of morality:
Forget not your origins, nor those you are indebted to.

A true representation of morality:
Speak with honesty and truth.