365 Days for Travelers: Feb 10

Wisdom from Chinese Literary and Buddhist Classics


Emperor Wu of the Liang Dynasty asked Master
Baozhi, “How does one cultivate to guarantee
eternal rebirth as a human being?”

Master Baozhi replied, “This humble monk has one
prescription whose ingredients can be acquired
from the Mountain of Five Aggregates:
“1 whole angerless heart
2 taels of constant joy
3 inches of compassionate practice
4 sticks of the root of patience
5 liters of a wise nature
6 milliliters of diligent mind
7 beads of affliction eliminator
8 parts of virtuous company

“Using the blade of intelligence, file thin on the anvil
of equality. Remove the roots of discrimination
between self and other. Place ingredients into the
mortar of no obstructions and pound a thousand
times with a diamond pestle. Take one pill of
paramita daily with the water of eight virtues. One
shall instantly be guaranteed eternal rebirth as a
human being.

“Observe dietary restrictions while taking
medication. Speaking less is the foremost gem,
while patience is an invaluable treasure; do not
speak of the faults of others for it will only harm
oneself in the end. Insulting others will result in
being insulted. Hating others will result in being
hated; just as wood in a fire, what will be burned
is oneself.”

Emperor Wu further asked, “How does one attain

“Know impermanence, understand the great truth,
respect the Triple Gem, and see things from
beginning to end. Practice all that is wholesome
and stop all that is unwholesome. Allow ourselves
to be wrong and others to be right; practice equality
without distinction of self and other. Do not harm
others or seek personal gain. Eliminate greed and
anger, and always be joyful. The Buddha of which
one seeks, one becomes,” replied Master Baozhi.