365 Days for Travelers: Feb 5

Wisdom from Chinese Literary and Buddhist Classics


True manner is when empty words are omitted,
while sincerity and respect upheld.

True standard is when the meretricious is
admonished, while frugality advocated.

True dealing is when distance from the cunning
and fawning is kept, while gap with the benevolent
and honest closed.

True stance is when awareness in cause and
effect is shown, and distinction between
transgression and merit maintained.

True tradition is when contentment in tranquility
and simplicity is shown, while shame in
deliberate pursuits felt.


Thus is the mind, thus the Buddha,
yet the true is untrue;

What is not the Buddha is not the mind,
while the untrue is true.

Try severing both the true and untrue
in sitting meditation;

Who cares what the mind
and the Buddha rely on?