365 Days for Travelers: Jul 10


Whoever has health has good fortune.
Whoever has merit has life.
Whoever is content has wealth and nobility.
Whoever is at ease is carefree.

When you work hard,
don’t worry about success or failure.
When you have done your best,
don’t worry if you have failed.

Good fortune always looks with favor upon the brave.
Blessings always come to the honest and the kind.

Those who are capable benefit others everywhere.
Those who are incapable make it difficult for others

Correcting faults leads to improvement.
Admitting mistakes leads to progress.
Helping others leads to good affinity.
Being reserved in character leads to greater virtue.

Rely on oneself rather than others;
Diligence excels the search for wealth;
Living according to life’s conditions
excels the search for fame;
Observing the precepts excels the search for stability;
Developing good affinities with others
excels the search for help;
Cultivation excels the search for fortune.