365 Days for Travelers: Jul 11


Your every single thought of kindness
will be watched over by the sages and eminent ones,
and also by cause and effect.
Your every single thought of unkindness
will be detected by Mara and also by karma.

Faith makes one most wealthy,
Virtue makes one most peaceful,
Spiritual cultivation makes one most powerful,
Wisdom makes one most knowledgeable.
Instead of pondering over your previous lives,
You may as well seize the good cause in the present;

Instead of looking into your future lives,
You may as well take caution with your present conducts.

Wealth can be found everywhere;
it is found through
doing good deeds, speaking good words,
and thinking good thoughts.
Auspiciousness can be found at all times;
it is found through sincere,
genuine, and heartfelt intentions.

Every man is the designer of his own life,
and can give color to his world.
Every man is the architect of his own future
and can construct his ideal self-image.