365 Days for Travelers: Jul 16


Sow seeds of compassion over hatred.
Offer forgiveness and understanding towards hostility.
Nurture the strength of confidence out of doubts.
Illuminate a spark of prajna wisdom in the darkness.
Raise hopes for the future above disappointment.
Extend the consolation of happiness towards sorrow.

Don’t glower: encourage with gentle glances.
Don’t be cruel: serve with gentle hands.
Don’t scold: speak with gentle words.
Don’t hate: uplift with gentle actions.

Everything has its pros and cons,
Simply understand how to weigh them.
Always keep sight of what is possible,
For even dry stones and rotten wood
Can be used as medicine.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses,
Simply understand how to bring out
the best in others.
Always emphasize
the strong points of others,
For even broken copper and brittle iron
can be forged into steel.