365 Days for Travelers: Jul 31


A drop of water can converge together to become an ocean.
A seed can be harvested to become a storehouse of grains.
A sentence can be spread for thousands of years.
A heart can contain inexhaustible treasures.

Not bragging about good deeds accumulates merits,
as streams flow into the sea.
Not mending minor flaws leads to failure,
as a stone is worn away day by day, unnoticed.

A small vajra can topple Mt. Sumeru.
A small spark can start a forest fire.
A small virus can harm the human body.
A small repentance can stop a torrent of unwholesome deeds.

One little smile gives boundless joy.
One little word does boundless good.
One little tale gives boundless inspiration.
One little action brings boundless good causes and conditions.