365 Days for Travelers: Jun 13


Throughout our entire lives, the need to
resolve the relationship between people and
matters has always come first, followed by
interpersonal relationships, and finally that
between others and our inner self.

This process is similar to the arduously long
training of an outstanding fighting rooster: in
the first stage, it appears fierce though it lacks
strength like a clamoring street hooligan.

In the
second stage, it is still tense and indomitable, just
like the critical and passionate words of a youth.
In the third stage, though its competitiveness
appears to have completely disappeared,
fierceness still remains in its eyes, meaning that
aggressiveness and impulsiveness are still there.
Finally, it will appear rusty and stupid, yet subtle
with its superb skills well-hidden. Only when
such an animal steps into the arena will true
invincibility be displayed.