365 Days for Travelers: Jun 14


Relinquish resentment and arrogance; always take
joy in blissfulness, gentleness, and the practice of endurance.

Abide in kindness, compassion, joy and giving; such
is called the Dharma gates of adornments and purity.

Thoughts that linger in the mind are like dust
motes which can be counted and recognized; water
in the vast oceans can be consumed until exhaustion.

Boundless space can be measured and wind can be
tied; yet no one could fully describe the meritorious
virtues of the Buddhas.

Knowing the state of Buddhahood by purifying the
mind so that it is just as the suchness.

Transcend delusive thoughts and myriad
attachments, so that the mind is in a state of being
free of hindrances wherever it goes.

All five desires are impermanent, like bubbles in the
water that are illusory; just like dreams, mirage, and
shadows of the moon that float on the water.


Anyone who has not yet crossed over,
I will ensure that they can;
Anyone who has not yet understood the Dharma,
I will ensure that they have;
Anyone who is not yet at peace,
I will ensure that they are;
Anyone who has not yet attained nirvana,
I will ensure that they do.

Living beings are inifinite, I vow to liberate them all.
Afflictions are endless, I vow to eradicate them all.
Teachings are immeasurable, I vow to learn them all.
Buddhahood is unsurpassed, I vow to attain it.