A Calm Mind and an Even Temperament

There are many ways to handle situations that pop up in life, but having a calm mind and an even temperament is crucial to all of them.

If we do not have a calm mind, people will think that we are opinionated, even prejudiced.  They will know that we differentiate between our loved ones and others, that we are calculating individuals.  They will immediately distance themselves from us.  When our temperament is uneven, others will feel that we are narrow-minded and intolerant. They will not want to be around us.

Those who have a calm mind and even temperament will attract friends.  Calm-minded parents will be loved by their children, be sought as role models by their younger friends.  In the workplace, everyone will want to work with them. Many religions encourage people to cultivate their minds and manage their tempers. Having a calm mind and an even temperament is the key to getting along with other people.

Regrettably, we are usually troubled and short-tempered.  Our minds are filled with selfishness, insecurity, and darkness. We come to harbor impure thoughts.  But if our minds are calm, they will be clear and open. We can think well and act to benefit everyone. When we clear our mind of impure thoughts, we experience inner peace and joy.  We can reason well, think clearly, act morally, and treat others with justice, compassion, and love.  When we have wisdom in our minds, we have the intelligence to solve problems and the capacity to tolerate.

A calm mind is crucial!  There is a Buddhist saying, “We wish the Buddha would lower his hands to soothe and calm the minds of all beings.”  Without a calm mind, there will be many obstacles and setbacks on the path of life.  One must have both a calm mind and an even temperament.

Others will not be able to see if our minds are calm, but it will be easy for them to sense if we have an even temperament.  People can tell what our temperament is like from observing our posture and expressions.  They will know our capacity, spirit, morals, and bearing.  When we are angry, our spirit is conflicted. When we are happy, it is refreshed. When we are sad, it deflates. When we are sad, it is overturned. When one is distant, it shuts down. When we are energized, it leaks out. When we are shocked, it becomes disordered. When we are tired, it weakens. When we are thinking, it constricts. When we are angry, it lessens.

It is easy for us to stay calm and even-tempered in good times, but it is difficult to maintain when we are faced with setbacks.  We should realize that a calm mind and an even temperament are not only for times of peace and leisure.  They are also neccesary for times of urgency and crisis.  The general who leads an army on the frontlines of battle must be calm and even-tempered in order to be sensible and clear in their strategy.  Businesspeople need to be calm and composed in the marketplace in order to make profitiable decisions critical economic times.  Students should remain calm when taking exams so that they can achieve high grades.  Police officers will win the respect of the citizenry if they handle incidents wisely and peacefully.

It is not easy to assess a person’s morality, knowledge, and, but it is easy to see whether a person has a calm mind or an even temperament. It is necessary for everyone to cultivate a calm mind and an even temperament.