A Clear and Rational Mind

There are many kinds of people in the world. They may be intelligent or slow, knowledgeable or unlearned. However, it is not worth discussing whether we are from nobility or common roots, or whether we are of high standing or low. What is most important of all is whether or not we have a clear and rational mind.

Those who have a clear and rational mind can tell right from wrong in their dealings. Conversely, people whose minds are clouded and irrational cannot see the truth. They are like a mirror covered in dust, or flowers veiled by fog. There is no way that they can see things clearly.

As the saying goes, “People with good reasoning can go anywhere. Those without it cannot take a single step.” There are many people in the world who lack the ability to reason. They end up fighting with others for their whole life. No wonder people would rather argue with someone with a clear mind than talk to someone who cannot reason. After an argument with the clear-minded, the truth can be discovered. People who are unreasonable and do not abide by the law will never win the approval of others.

Math is a subject everyone learns in school. Some may say they have no interest at all in math. However, it is not a matter of interest. Math and logic are basic principles we need to guide us. One plus one equals two. We cannot say it is three. One cannot simply refer to a glass of water as a bit of water. There are standard measurements for size, quantity, width, and weight. People who actively reject these standards confuse lightness with heaviness, small with large, right with wrong, and good with bad. A life of confused thought is indeed appalling.

As we grow up, we must receive an education. That way, they can develop good reasoning abilities. However, many people only pursue information, failing to cultivate their reasoning. Without good reasoning, they cannot get along with their families, friends, and coworkers. We often see people in power in an organization lose their support and position because of their failure to reason well. We can go without money, property, or even knowledge, but we must never be unclear in our reasoning.

For a principle to be a principle, it cannot only be seen by an individual. They have to be accepted by all. They are universal, equal, and a matter of course. In the universe, there are principles guiding all phenomena. Humans are also guided by principles. We must live with a clear and rational mind that understands these principles.