A Light in the Dark Night

Light is valuable. Streetlights show the way for travelers at night, guiding them safely home. A light in the dark night provides a sense of security, a formless wall that shelters people.

In old China, the charitable often donated medicine, tea, or porridge to the needy. But the bright light they provided on dark roads was especially helpful for travelers from afar. Sailors find their way at sea due to the guidance of lighthouses. Airplanes flying at night rely on the runway lights in order to take off and land safely. The light in front of the Buddha statue also provides strength to sentient beings living a life of darkness.

Light teaches us to cherish sunlight, electricity, and even moonlight and starlight. They are vital in our lives. Without light, the world will be thrown into darkness, and life would lose meaning. The light of our minds serves even more significant purposes than external lights. What is the light of our minds? That light wisdom, reasoning, compassion, generosity, joy, and humility. When the light of the mind is lit, not only is all phenomena in the world shown to us, but we are able to make connections with them. We can see clearly the relationships between ourselves and others, creating better causes and conditions between us.

Lights on the streets and the light of the mind are not the only lights in the night. A person, a book, a school, or a place of practice can also be shelter in the dark! A learned person is a glowing lamp, drawing students eager to learn their teachings. A person with high morals is a bright light, attracting those seeking the path to practice from near and far. The capable and helpful will attract others from looking for their guiding light. A compassionate person is like a person with a light. Others will flock to this person, relying on their guidance.

Wildlife gathers in forests or high mountains, for these locations are the bright light that shelters them. Sea creatures look for pure water in the oceans and rivers, providing them a safe harbor to live in.

We all have the potential to be a bright light. However, we should first ask ourselves this: “Are we the light of our family? Can we be the bright light that illuminates the rest of the community? Perhaps even all humankind?” As long as we are willing to light up the light of our minds, we can help purify society. every one of us should vow to become a light in the dark, igniting the hearts of humanity!