Be Mindful of Others

What do we have on our minds? Some people only have money on their minds. For them, money is more important than life and outweighs morality. Others focus on status. For them, fame and status are worth pursuing with no regard for ethics or character. Some people are self-centered and only think about themselves. However, when we push everyone else from our mind, are we still worthy of begin called humans?

As an elderly lady was reading the Diamond Sutra, she came upon the part regarding no attachment to self, people, sentient beings, and lifespans. She disagreed with that statement. “It is all right to have no self, but how can there be no people?” People often do not succeed in what they do because they put the self above others. If we can view others as more important than ourselves, we can build good relationships with those around us. We need not fear failure in our endeavors, as we will always find support.

When teaching his children and grandchildren, an grandfather does not teach them knowledge. Instead, he introduces them to people of different professions and areas of expertise.The grandfather may direct them to outstanding experts in the fields of literature, economics, politics, science, medicine, history, or philosophy. He makes them memorize thousands of names so that they will have an army of help to contact. As long as they are mindful of others, they will surely succeed.

As the saying goes, “If I am walking with two other men, one of them has something to teach me.” While it is important to be mindful of others, it is not enough to merely think of them. We should also know how to manage others effectively, so that they can become resources to us. Everyone has their strengths. If we are able to make use of each person’s strengths effectively, we can turn any bad situation around.

The Diamond Sutra’s teaching about detachment from self, people, sentient beings, and lifespans illustrates the highest level of equality an enlightened person can achieve. We can lose our attachment to ourselves, but we must not forget about others. We must always remain mindful of others.