Between You and Me

When we make a distinction between “you” and “I,” we are stating that “you” and “I” are two separate entities. We do not realize that, in truth, “you” and “I” are inseparable. All beings are interconnected It is a mistake to believe that the “self” is different from “others.” In failing to realize the causal connection that underlies all human relationships, we prove ourselves intolerant and ignorant, leading to us rejecting and excluding all who are not “us”, or who are not like us.

When a man and woman are married, they become one “entity.” That is why they will love and cherish each other. Siblings support one another because they come from the same parents. When we consider someone as a part of ourselves, we will care for them with all our hearts. It is like taking care of our own body.

If I do not consider you to be a part of me, I would not want to be close to you. I would not care for your welfare. By making a clear distinctions between you and me, people create discrimination and prejudice. Distinguishing between what is yours and what is mine leads to fighting and arguments. If we wish to coexist with each other, we must learn to put aside these distinctions of “you” and “I.”

If we accepted everything as a part of ourselves, we would not argue over anything. I would not care if something belongs to you or me. Furthermore, I would be willing to forgive and help you, as well as consider your needs. If my father hurt my feelings,, I would not hold a grudge. If my infant son wanted a ride, I would happily carry you on my shoulders. If my friend or family members, are a part of me. I would see you as a good person and love you with all my heart. I would go to any length to help you, even if it is difficult to accept that you and I are “one.” By viewing everything as a part of ourselves, we can find peace and harmony in the world.

If I did not see you as a part of myself, I would return a dirty look with a fist, a fist with a knife. If you did something that I did not like, I would go out of my way to make your life unbearable. Since you are not me, I would not care if you live or die, or if you are honorable or dishonorable. I would be very jealous of your knowledge and accomplishments. It would be better if you were ignorant and incompetent then be a threat to my sense of self worth. In short, I would not tolerate someone who was different from me.

Everything in this world is a part of an integral whole. All living beings are interconnected with each other. We are related and connected in a web of mutual dependency. I might not need you today or tomorrow, but when I need you, you should not refuse. One day you might need my help. Therefore, we must broaden our horizons and be magnanimous. We must understand that there is no difference between you and me, that we are all connected in one way or another. Every living being in the dharma realms is of the same nature. This is very important for us to know and understand!