Customers Are Supreme

Several years ago, after several accidents and setbacks, Taiwan’s China Airlines revamped its service and used the slogan, “Customers are supreme.” Ever since, in-flight service has improved. The food, services, announcements, smiles, and attitude of the crew have all shown the passengers that the airline is treating customers as their foremost priority.

Treating its customers as supreme has brought China Airlines success, as well as benefiting its passengers. From this, we can appreciate how much good can result from treating others as supreme. We should also see the need to treat our country, family, parents, children, and friends as supreme. If everyone shares this belief, our country and families will prosper from the support they lend each other. Friendships will be strengthened by the bonds formed through assistance. When parents are regarded as supreme, they will care for and support their children, helping them to succeed. When children are also treated as supreme, they will work hard toward their goals in life. Treating others as supreme is beneficial for everyone concerned.

However, it is even more important to view ourselves as supreme! When we respect ourselves, we will be self-reliant and strive harder in life. Conversely, if we do not respect ourselves, we will fall short of our potential. It will be difficult to progress in anything we do.

In the past, many scholars failed their official exams time and time again. However, they maintained their self-respect and persevered. Similarly, an army may have lost many battles. But due to its continued self-respect, they will ultimately achieve victory. There were numerous cases in Chinese history where heroes and generals were suffered failures, setbacks, losses, and humiliation from those who were near and dear to them. However, they learned from their experiences and refused to give up. Due to their hard work and perseverance, as well as honoring their country as supreme, they emerged from these hardships triumph, establishing a proud legacy for their successors.

By regarding ourselves as supreme, there is nothing we cannot accomplish!