Different Faces

People’s faces are as varied as their minds. These are some of the faces we see:

1. An honest and mature face. If the person is also kind-hearted, the they will be given much attention.

2. A kind and dignified face. If the person is also smart and flexible, he or she can achieve a lot.

3. A solemn and just face. If the person is also personable and caring, they will be successful in their career.

4. An intelligent and capable face. If the person is trustworthy and responsible, he or she will be a prominent member of society.

In addition to these faces, there are also smiling faces for others to appreciate, friendly faces to bring others joy, expressive faces for people to warm up to, and compassionate faces for others to relax around. All of these faces will give others a good impression.

However, there are also some faces that make people uncomfortable. They are:

1. A slick and insincere face that people immediately dislike and no one wants to approach. This face gives the impression that he or she is not serious about anything he or she does.

2. An indifferent and stern face suggests to others a mean spirit and a lack of compassion. The coldness makes others uncomfortable, as it suggests the whole world owes him or her a favor.

3. A face without expression and smile when it should have one. This person gives the impression of being self-centered and deceitful. People think they do not want to show their feelings or let others know their thoughts.

4. A dishonest and scheming face suggests a devious and arrogant individual. The individual is thought to be treacherous.

Everyone has a face and a mind. But that does not mean that we can judge a book by its cover. Among all the millions of people in the world, there are people who have a kind face but a cruel heart, or a cruel face and a kind heart. Nevertheless, when we meet someone the first time, we can generally use our experience to guess a person’s nature with some level of accuracy.

A face is important to people. Even the Buddha was known for his thirty-two marks of excellence, and bodhisattvas have eyes of compassion and a face of harmony. Many of the arhats have strange faces or odd bodies, but we can still see the compassion in them.

Some people in this world are commemorated for their loyalty, compassion, love, and wisdom. Others leave their faces behind. Therefore, we can only hope that those who have a blank face, a cruel face, or the face of a pariah can change it to one of compassion when facing the world.