Domestic Harmony

After a long journey, weary travelers long for home. After a hard day’s labor, tired workers wish to return to their abodes. Home is the safe harbor of life, where one seeks comfort and a place of love and warmth.

There are big families, and there are small families. In today’s society, large households may have problems maintaining domestic harmony, while small families may have an uneasy feeling of emptiness. Living in an empty, big house can leave an empty, unwanted feeling. But being enclosed in a small quarters, with nothing but walls to see, leaves one feeling deprived of familial warmth. We must keep in mind that home is home precisely because it is the place where our families live. As a saying goes, “A family in discord will be taken advantage of, while a family in harmony will achieve success in everything.” If everyone in the family can be of one heart and mind, we can turn dirt into gold. Domestic harmony can only be accomplished when parents are loving, their children are respectful, siblings support each other like the best of friends, and spouses treat each other with respect.

Many of today’s families face problems such as high debt, unequal distribution of household duties, inflexibility, and differences in personal habits and views. When these problems are not properly resolved, the family will grow cold and apathetic. Love will be replaced by anger, warmth by indifference. When this happens, a home is not a home anymore, but rather a battlefield of arguments. When a family is no longer a family, but instead is just a boiling cauldron of discontent, family life becomes miserable and meaningless. If we wish to help our country and bring peace to the world, we must first cultivate ourselves and bring our families together. A country is comprised of many families, and a family is comprised of many individuals.

If we do not conduct ourselves properly, our families will be in disarray. We become troubled and unable to think clearly. In order to maintain harmony within our families, we must cultivate our personal lives. Only when our households are harmonious and happy can we devote ourselves to bringing order to our country and society.

Thus, before serving our community and building up our country, we should serve and build up our families. Since charity starts at home, we should look after the needs of our families first. We should make their happiness the highest priority in our lives. If we truly love our families, we should never take them for granted, doing everything in our power to protect them from harm.

Humble Table, Wise Fare states that, “The victim of sibling resentment is the parents; the victim of spousal discord is the family; the victim of workplace hostility is the supervisor; the victim of government ill will is the country; and the victim of enmity is the self.” The book also tells us that one can never overcome hatred with hatred. Happiness can only be found in love, kindness and compassion. Therefore, if we wish for our families to be happy and harmonious, we must look after their well-being, love them with all our hearts, do everything we do with good humor.