Door to Door

Once, a young man applied for a job with Microsoft. After the interview, he was offered the position. Just as he was about to leave, the personnel manager said, “We will contact you by email.”

The young man replied, “I don’t have email.”

The manager responded, “We don’t hire anyone without an email address.”

Because of this, the young man was rejected. On his way home, he contemplated how he was jobless and only had ten dollars to his name. Just as he was beginning to lose hope, he decided to take his last ten dollars and buy a large sack of potatoes. He went from door to door selling the potatoes and made a hundred dollars. His confidence bolstered, he bought more potatoes and again sold them door to door. A few months later, he was able to buy himself a car. A few years later, he opened a factory. Many entrepreneurs tried to befriend him, telling him that, “I’ll email you.”

The young man replied, “I don’t have email.”

Everyone was surprised, “How can you have such a large business and not have email?”

The young man explained, “I only do ‘door to door’. I don’t do email.”

Nowadays, when young people want to start a career, they complain about how they “don’t have an office, capital, telephone, secretary, computer, or a car.” But this young man didn’t even have an E-mail account. It was due to his willingness to go “door to door” that he was able to establish his own business. What is the meaning of “door to door”? It means to have spirit, will, and determination. When we have these, we need not fear failure.

There are many cases where we see people who have property, companies, cars, computers, and email who only talk, never work. These people often end up with nothing. Conversely, those who have spirit and drive to work hard, persevere, and weather hardships can start with nothing and end up with everything.

When we have our minds set on a goal, we can realize through the spirit of “going door to door”. By doing so, we will make tremendous gains. Those who want to start a business and make a profit first need to foster the diligent spirit of going from “door to door”. Once they’ve accomplished this, they will certainly succeed in whatever they do.