Giving Up Prejudice

When people argue, we often hear one of them say, “you are prejudiced!” To be prejudiced it to have a fixed point of view, an attachment to first impressions. Even when it turns out to be mistaken, the prejudiced hold on to their views. It is forgivable to be prejudiced in a positive way. But when we view something negatively and reject others for not sharing our opinions, we commit an unforgivable wrong.

Prejudice is like poison in a cup. Even if we pour the purest water in it, it will remain undrinkable. Prejudice is like having weeds and thorny bushes in the field. Even when we plant the best seeds in it, it will be difficult for them to grow well. Prejudiced people usually refuse to admit their mistakes.

A viewpoint consists of an idea, understanding, knowledge, and learning. There is nothing wrong with having views, but we must not hold wrong views, such as nihilistic or eternalistic views.

When someone’s prejudice interferes with society, their prejudice is ruining a good cause and creating harm. When a good person proves himself promising and capable, the prejudice of another may deprive him or her of the opportunity.

There are many people who view the world through tinted glasses. They can never see the truth. It is like seeing everything in yellow when wearing yellow glasses , or everything in red with red glasses. They cannot see the array of other colors surrounding them. They believe they are always right in their judgments. In reality, compared to the wise, they are ignorant children.

We need not fear wrong views, so long as we correct them in time. However, if we are remain attached to our prejudices and poison our minds, then we are better off without any views at all! We should give up our prejudices and look at people and things objectively, without making premature assumptions. When something is true, we should embrace it as such. If it is false, we should search for the truth. Only when we give up our prejudices and detach ourselves from the “self” can we see reality and our true minds.

Are we prejudiced? We should all contemplate that!