Human Connections

We often praise those who are capable at making good connections with others. These people have many friends from various different walks of life. When they take on projects, they receive help and support from everywhere. So what are human connections, and how do we build them?

There are some people who make their connections by boasting about their abilities and accomplishments, while others do so by latching onto the rich and powerful and riding on their coattails. All these are merely expressions of vanity. Some people try to connect with distant relatives and remote acquaintances of influence. These are not true human connections. The faces we see at meetings, public functions, parties, and banquets cannot be considered real connections either. We may never see them again.

Human connections should be an accumulation of many causes and conditions. If we constantly practice compassion and morality and provide others with support and good conditions, they will be happy to be near us. Developing deep relationships over time can help us build good human connections.

In today’s society, good connections do not result from people socializing over meals, indulging in material pleasures, or begging for favors. Human connections must be built on respect, humility, and exchange of knowledge. They should be established on the basis of equanimity. As the saying goes, “Relationships of the wise should be as pure as water.”

Begging for favors is no longer considered appropriate. Simply using money to go through special channels is unseemly as well. In a law-abiding society, illicit undertakings will fail even with good connections. In today’s government agencies, there are networks among the administrators. In schools, there are networks among teachers and principals. People also build networks of based on their professions, neighborhoods, political views, religion, or interests. The web of connections we can have is enormous. Those who are good at building human relations will benefit no matter where they are.

However, in today’s age, we cannot simply rely on human connections. Only by relying on our own abilities can we truly develop and progress in life. As long as we have ability, we can still open doors and reach our goals even without connections.