Learn to Get Along with Others

There are many things to learn in life. We must learn to maintain a home, make a living, speak other languages, and most important of all, to get along with others. Humans are social animals. No one can live alone. If we do not learn how to live in a community alongside others, we will find it hard to survive or establish ourselves in society.

“Others” include many different kinds of people. Each individual has a distinct personality, language, lifestyle, and culture. Because of these differences, it is not easy to get along with others. Even within a family, there are differences in age, gender, and views. It is difficult for even a single family to speak with one voice.

In an organization, some are optimistic, while others are pessimistic. Some are active and progressive, whereas others are passive and lazy. Some are hot-tempered, while others are gentle and easygoing. Some are stingy and greedy, yet others are generous and charitable. How do we get along with all these different people?

The first rule in getting along with others is to treat everyone equally. The levels of intelligence and morality among people in the world is varied. If we do not treat everyone equally, our decisions will be interpreted by those around us as being prejudiced. We will not be able to expand our network of friends. We should regard others as if we live in a garden. Though flowers may bloom, red, yellow, purple, and white, all are flowers just the same. Each if beautiful in their own way, living in harmony with the others.

The second rule is to have compassion. No one in the world is perfect. They do not act and think exactly as we do. In fact, many of them will work against us. But if we are argumentative, act annoyed, and become resentful, others will reject us. Compassion will help us accept and be accepted by others.

The third rule is conform to others. It is impossible for everyone in this world to think and behave like us. We have to go with the flow. As long as our friends are not immoral, then we should take joy in building a relationship with them. People nowadays often emphasize unity. However, we usually ask others to unite with us, and not the other way around. We should conform with others, instead of asking others to conform to us.

The fourth rule is to make a connection. We should be willing to form positive connections with others. For instance, we can establish a connection with others through joy, gifts, positive speech, and assistance, as others will rarely reject praise and help.
Equality, compassion, conforming, and making connections are all skillful means to getting along with others. When we learn to get along with others, the world will open up to us, and there will be help everywhere we go. Life then will become much more wonderful!