Love Equals Respect

Throughout history, serious discussions have been held on the origin of life. Scientists, philosophers, and theologians have put forth various theories and explanations to explain the mystery of life. To put it simply, love generates life. Without love, the saha world would never come to be. Just as we love our parents and our parents love us, we are born as humans because our consciousness houses love as well as hatred.

In today’s society, love is widely promoted. It brings warmth to the world, and is no less necessary that sun, air, and water. However, we must be very careful with love. We must exercise reason, compassion, respect, and sincerity. When our love is tainted, the consequences are abominable.

Love is neither attachment nor possession. It should not lead to selfishness and hatred. When people today love someone, they wish that person lives forever. When they hate someone, they wish that person dies. But this is not love. Love is about sacrifice and giving. It is to cherish, protect, and support the object of one’s affection. If we are fond of money, we should spread our wealth. If we adore fame, we should use it to protect others. If we love knowledge, we should pass it on to the next generation. If we have love, we should use it to bring happiness to others.

Marriage is the commitment between two people to a lifetime of unity and support. In order for marriage to work, the couple must love each other properly. Otherwise, their love becomes a noose around their necks or a shackle to each other’s ankles. Marriage is not a license to restrict personal freedom. A person must not be blind or ignorant in their love. Otherwise, he or she will live in total darkness or drown in the sea of suffering.

True love is not a one-way street. It is an exchange of mutual affection. It means to intuitively understand and comprehend what your loved ones are thinking and feeling. One saying states that Italians treat marriage as an opera, French portray it with a comedy, British see it as a tragedy, Americans feel that it is a farce, and the Chinese view it as a parody. But love is good, beautiful, truthful, and pure. People should not limit themselves to such narrow interpretations of love. They should expand on the concept and include not only themselves and their loved ones, but also the society, country, and the world in which they live.

When the Buddha taught the Dharma, he was expressing his affection for all sentient beings, showing them the joy and benefits of the truth. Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva’s efforts to relieve sentient beings from all suffering is also an expression of love. To love is to benefit and help others accomplish good. It is giving others respect, freedom, and convenience.

Do we have the ability to extend our love to all living beings? Can we love the tree as well as its branches? In order to love altruistically, we must learn to broaden the scope of our love through compassion and purify it with wisdom. We must treat our loved ones with respect and dignity and be willing to make sacrifices for their sake. If we could be kind to each other and love others unconditionally, our world would be broader.