Moodiness and Emotional Outbursts

An outburst of emotion is often a disgruntled act of the weak and timid. Children use their moods to manipulate their parents. Wives use their emotions to corral their husbands. Subordinates become irritated at their superiors, and friends will sometimes be temperamental toward one another.

In today’s society, some students skip classes because they feel depressed. Some teenagers run away from home because they feel misunderstood. Some workers call in sick because they feel unappreciated. Even pets will occasionally ignore their owners. Every person, young or old, is prone to mood swings. When some people are irritated or in low spirits, they will even consider leaving home for good, or locking themselves in their bedrooms. Negative emotions are potentially very harmful to a person’s well-being.

No one in this world is without emotions. Everyone will seek a way to express his or her feelings. Some women act difficult to show their anger. Teenagers engage in fights to vent their frustrations. Children throw tantrums to show their displeasure. Workers go on strike to protest unfair treatment.

Why do people rely on emotional outbursts? Some people believe that this is the best solution to their problems. However, this is not the case. The use of excessive emotion only worsens matters. Parents will not favor children who are moody. Teachers will consider students who act temperamentally to have behavioral problems. Supervisors will not promote subordinates who are whimsical. Fits of bad temper by a husband or wife can destroy a couple’s loving relationship.

People who are moody are often considered as unpredictable as the weather. They can be gloomy at one moment and angry the next. When their minds are controlled by their emotions, they talk nonsense. Their lives are chaotic. They cast aside reason and the ways of the world to indulge themselves in their own feelings. consumed by their own feelings, they come to have total disregard for their own image.

According to Buddhism, emotions are the karmic winds of ignorance. When they blow, the waves roar and the sea billows. Our true nature will never see the light of day. We will live in eternal darkness, where truths are distorted. Therefore, negative emotions are catastrophic and damning.

Some people will break plates and furniture in a fit of rage, though the victims of their anger did nothing wrong to upset them. Others blame and curse everything and everyone except themselves when they are frustrated and depressed. The people they’ve lashed out at have done anything to offend them. Throughout history, many people have been put to death wrongly due to a tyrant’s mood swings. Many wise and capable individuals gave up opportunities to fame and fortune to avoid subjecting themselves to someone else’s outburst of emotions.

Emotions can have a great impact on an individual, a country, and even a society. If we chose to give in to our moods and become overly emotional, our lives will be tumultuous. If the leaders of our government were irrational and emotional, our country would be in chaos, the government would be in shambles, and our society would be in ruins. The negative impact of emotions can be immense indeed!