The Sound of a Crow

Once, when a crow was flying across a village, he met a magpie. The crow complained to the magpie, “This place is terrible and so are its people. When they see me and hear my call, they criticize me and even curse me. I am leaving to live a new life.” On hearing this, the magpie replied, “Oh crow, it is the same everywhere in this world. You should try to change your voice instead. Otherwise, no matter where you go, it will be the same!”

In today’s world, students tend to change schools or majors frequently, just as workers change their careers all the time. They detest their profession and grumble about their work. Some may even consider themselves diamonds in the rough, betrayed by the world that failed to discover them. This is why many people move away, change jobs, or search for new friends.

The grass may appear greener on the other side, but this is not always the case. We should avoid being conceited. The most important things we need to do to become established in life are to develop and strengthen ourselves, and to learn to get along with others in a positive way. By speaking kindly and gently, we will be able to make friends everywhere.

When interacting with others, we need to reach out to others and exchange our thoughts and views. Speech is the tool for doing so. Those who are inarticulate tend to isolate themselves from others. They find it difficult to form relationships.

In Chinese, there is a metaphor for those who always say the wrong thing at the wrong time: “a crow’s mouth.” We should realize that this is the result of our own deficiency. If someone criticizes us, we must look for faults in ourselves before blaming others. We should ask ourselves if we are the “crow’s mouth” in our families, among our friends, in the workplace, or even in the community. We should change our belligerent cawing into music to the ears, transforming our harsh words into the warm sun in winter or the sweet scent of flowers. We must convey our kind and beautiful thoughts. When we can stop sounding like a crow, we will become a magpie or a phoenix instead.