To Be Considerate

The true friendship between people is not built on simple enjoyment, but on trust, understanding, tolerance, and consideration for each other. Whether it is between parents and children, husband and wife, superiors and subordinates, or friends and relatives, friendships need to be sustained by mutual understanding and consideration. Otherwise, their relationships would be as short-lived as ice on a stove. Without the soothing power of consideration, people would find it impossible to get along with others due to differences in personality, hobbies, habits, and views.

Parents who are illiterate often feel compelled to proivde their children with an education, often at any expense. They are being considerate and know that education is key to a better future. They are perfectly willing to make sacrifices for the future of their offspring. Having received support from their parents, children should be considerate of their parents’ intentions and strive to do their best.

Husbands and wives should be considerate of each other’s efforts in making a living and taking care of the home and family. Each should understand the other’s difficulties and hardships and praise one another for their hard work. Through mutual understanding and consideration for each other, they will be able to enjoy a harmonious and joyful family life.

Police officers who work long hours and face numerous dangers in their jobs need the understanding of their families to carry out their duties of keeping law and order in the community. Cabdrivers have to put up with the traffic as well as the complaints of their customers. If they do not have the comfort and understanding of their loved ones, how would they face life every day? So, whether it’s police officers or cabdrivers, civil workers or factory workers, everyone needs tolerance, consideration, and encouragement in order to start their day at work with vitality and spirit.

To have consideration for others is to put ourselves in others’ shoes and see things from their perspective. To be considerate means more than passive acceptance. It means actively bringing others joy and respect. If we could practice the spirit of equality between self and others, we would find it easy to maintain mutual consideration and understanding.

A couple’s consideration for each other will enhance their love for one another. Understanding between parents and children will foster gratitude for one another. Trust between superiors and subordinates will augment team spirit. With understanding and consideration, the world can be filled with love and respect, and life full of hope and vigor. Without consideration for one another, even family members can become enemies, Being considerate is imperative in getting along with others!