To Discover Problems

Who are the wise and who are the foolish? The wise seek the source of problems, while the foolish remain ignorant of its roots.

Young children raise many questions for their parents and teachers. Though they may sound childish, their wisdom is evident. Sometimes, children ask surprisingly difficult questions. They may ask, “Where does the wind come from? Why do people need to eat? Why don’t you also love the children next door?” While the young ask a lot of questions, there are many adults who do not know what to ask, or how. Their live their lives ignorant of the world around them.

But there are others look for an explanation when they see flowers bloom and fruits ripen. When the earth shakes, they explore possible reasons. When thunder booms and lightning claps, they seek the explanation behind this. When the wind blows and rain falls, they are curious about the causes. Those who are deluded dismiss this as the work of the gods. They will never discover the real reasons behind these phenomenon.

When someone criticizes us, there are reasons for their comments. When we have trouble finding a job and face setbacks in life, there are reasons for these difficulties. If we cannot uncover the causes for these problems, we will not be able to improve. We are like fruit trees. Without improvement, we will not bear better, sweeter fruit.

When our family begins to grumble about each other, are we able to detect the problem? Do we know the reasons for this discontentment? Can we improve the relationships between them? Are we able to find out where problems lie in a community, in the workplace, among consumers, or between employers and workers? If we cannot, troubles will constantly surface.

Do we know enough about the religious and ethnic differences that lead to conflicts between countries? We usually do not recognize the heart of a problem, or we become attached to a certain viewpoint. If we fail to understand the truth and face the problems, how will we find peace in the world?

We all love ourselves and take good care of our physical bodies. When we are ill, we consult a doctor to find the cause. We also use machines and all kinds of instruments to provide us with information and data for the appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Much like diseases, many problems in the world are created by people. To cure this illness, humanity must become conscious of their problems. Those who are selfish, attached to their ignorant views, prejudiced and unreasonable, or ill-informed cannot provide solutions. When discovering the problems, we must regard others as our equals and accept the idea that we are all one and the same. Furthermore, we should be considerate of others. We should try to bring them joy. If we can do this, there is no problem in the world that cannot be resolved.