View All Sentient Beings with Compassion

How do you view others? With suspicion, jealousy, disdain or prejudice? Some people say that, “the sage has eyes for heroes.” But true heroes are rare in this world, and not many people possess the eyes of a sage. It is more important for us to be able to view sentient beings with eyes of compassion.

Parents use compassionate eyes when raising their children. Teachers use compassionate eyes when monitoring their students’ progress. Elders use compassionate eyes when watching the younger generation prosper. A nation uses compassionate eyes when viewing the overall well-being of its citizens. Good neighbors use compassionate eyes when helping each other. In benevolent organizations, workers use compassionate eyes and support one another.

Human eyes only see the physical, but if we pay others a little more attention and respect, we can view them with compassion. There are many kinds of human beings: Some are stingy and tightfisted, others are close-minded and vulgar. Some are cunning and disdainful, and others are hypocritical and two-faced. Regardless of the inherent characteristics of these sentient beings, we should all view them with compassion. This way, we can be in harmony with others and improve our relationships. If everyone could view and treat all beings with compassion, then racial harmony and world peace would be achievable.

Unfortunately, most people do not view others with compassion. Instead, they look at the wealth of others with a covetous eye, or even take pleasure in others’ misfortunes. Some may only have eyes for others’ shortcomings, instead of their strengths. They may choose to look for falsehoods instead of the truths. It is a shame when one’s eyes are turned into sharp knives and fierce swords, cutting and piercing others.

According to the Universal Gateway Chapter of the Lotus Sutra, “Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva manifests in all lands and in all directions and views all beings with compassion.” Images of the compassionate Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva could be found in millions of living rooms and are highly respected by all. “Compassionate eyes” are sought after by everyone!

How would we like to be viewed by others? We all hope that our families, friends, elders, and relatives will view us with eyes of compassion. However, wise readers, we first need to ask ourselves—what kind of eyes do we view others with?