365 Days for Travelers: Jan 12

Wisdom from Chinese Literary and Buddhist Classics


Confucius endured hunger,
Yen Hui endured poverty,
Min Sun endured the cold,
Han Xin endured humiliation,
Zhang Gong endured his household,
Lou Gong endured insult.

Amongst those who became sages from the
ancient times, performed deeds of merit, and
were well established, none would have been
able to do so without the strength of patience.


I offer a way to settle your doubts
Without the need for drilled shells
or yarrow stalks.

Passing three full days in the furnace,
real jade is thus authenticated;
After waiting out seven years,
good material is finally recognized.
The Duke of Zhou feared rumorful days,
Wang Mang appeared humble and
respectful until he usurped the throne.
Suppose their deaths came early,
Who would have recognized their hypocrisy
or genuineness?


Being patient or impatient is usually a tell-tale
sign of whether a person is worthy of respect.
The greatest strength in this world is the
power of patience. It can transform one into
a person of honor. For example, being able
to remain patient despite hunger, poverty,
greed, anger, suffering, and difficulties; such
power is not what meditation or upholding
precepts can compare with, for the merits
of patience are vast and give rise to
limitless accomplishments.