365 Days for Travelers: Oct 2

MAITREYA BODHISATTVA’S VERSE OF PATIENCEAn old dolt wears a monk’s robe;
plain rice can fill his belly.
When the robe is torn and tethered,
he’ll patch it to weather the cold.
He lets all things resolve according to conditions.
If someone scolds the old dolt,
the old dolt will only say “fine;”
When someone beats him up,
he will lie down for a snooze;
When he is spat on in the face,
he will simply leave it to dry;
“This will save me the trouble,
while the person will have no more grudges.”
ADMONITIONS FOR ALLTurn around, turn around,
Let all troubles cancel out.
So what if this busy life never stops,
Just stay peaceful and quietly go about.
How will this endless craving ever stop?
However much money, you will never be on top.
Clearly like a puppet tied to strings,
You will fall upon the moment when they snap.

When impermanence strikes, no one is exempt,
Even gold, silvers or gems will not help.
It matters not how rich or noble one can be;
Year after year, many end up buried in grass.
Having just seen the red sun setting in the West,
Suddenly the cockcrow is already telling you to wake up.
The sooner the better, it is never too early to turn around,
Even young children will get old in no time.

So if you have a thousand boxes of gold piled to the roof,
You are still bound by karma waiting to manifest.
I urge all, better it is to turn around;
Value being a vegetarian and chant the Buddha’s name.
All the fame and gain will eventually fade,
One may as well cultivate and just chant the Buddha’s name.