365 Days for Travelers: Oct 8

SMALL HOTELThe many memories in life are like a series of small
hotels, which we pass by like galloping horses.
Every time we glance back, the happenings of the
past are like hotels that become smaller and smaller,
and leave us for good. All the happiness and grief,
calmness and excitement, as well as all successes
and failures remain. When the evening comes, we
would then have to lodge in another small hotel.


How fortunate that there is parting in life. To those
who gain happiness through gathering, parting is
good for it transforms all lovesick tears into pleasant
crystals. To those who suffer from gathering, it
would be better to part; it is like seeing the vast sky
when the fog and cloudshave faded away.
Sometimes the disappearance of causes and
conditions can be something in life to look forward
to for those who live in suffering.

WITH DEEP EMOTIONS, EVERYTHING BECOMES DEEPWe need to walk lightly and live mindfully. We need
to breathe gently and care for others tenderly. We
need to think deeply and be immensely
compassionate. We need to cherish every tree and
every blade of grass. We need to tread the earth as if
in fear of causing it pain. These are all ways of cultivation.