365 Days for Travelers: Sep 24


Oh great, compassionate Buddha!
Thank you for your appearance in this world.
You clearly told us:

With the suffering of birth,
The suffering of old age is inevitable;
With the suffering of old age,
The suffering of sickness is inevitable.

Old age and sickness are indeed painful.

Oh great, compassionate Buddha!
Do you know what senior citizens wish for?
Their greatest wish is to be with their families;
Their greatest joy is to lead a peaceful life in their old age;
Their greatest happiness is to be carefree and at ease.

Please bless these senior citizens:
From now on, may they not have the sadness
Of wandering from place to place;
From now on, may they not have the misfortune
Of being bedridden with any lingering illness;
From now on may they not have the grievance of undevoted children;
From now on, may they not have the anxiety and fear
Of old age, sickness, death, and rebirth.
May they understand:
That the meaning of life is not about the longevity of the physical body.
But the timelessness of virtues and wisdom;
Oh great, compassionate Buddha!
Please show your gracious concern for the senior citizens of the world:
Every senior citizen wishes,
To have peace and happy twilight years
And to have a meaningful and receptive life.