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365 Days for Travelers


Chen Shou (233 - 297, Western Jin Dynasty)
English translation: Miao Guang

When a pupil approached me for instructions in learning, I refused to give so and said instead, “You should first read the teaching a hundred times.” I further added, “Having read the book a hundred times, the meaning shall come to you.”

“What if we do not have the luxury of time?” asked the pupil.
“Employ the three spare times,” I replied.
“What are these three times?”
“The spare times of winter, night times, and rainy days.”

── from Sanguo Zhi (Records of the Three Kingdoms)

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Humble Table, Wise Fare


Recorded by Leann Moore         0:19

The base consider their own faults
     to be the fault of others:
they often blame everyone
     but themselves.
The virtuous consider others’ faults
     to be their own fault:
they often examine their
     conscience and blame themselves.

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Venerable Master Hsing Yun grants voices to the objects of daily monastic life to tell their stories in this collection of first-person narratives.

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The Heart Sutra is a short sutra, commonly chanted individually or in groups, that contains the core teachings on prajnaparamita, or the “perfection of wisdom.” The sutra is short, at only 260 Chinese characters. Included is an English translation of the sutra’s meaning, followed by the Chinese characters and their pronunciation


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