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365 Days For Travelers
Wisdom from Chinese Literary and Buddhist Classics

365 Days for Travelers


Tang Yin (1470 - 1524, Ming Dynasty)
English translation: Zhi Yue

Song of a hundred endurances,
Song of a hundred endurances,
How can life be without endurance?
Today, with you,
I sing this song of a hundred endurances,
So clap your hands and laugh! Ha, ha!

Endure morning, endure evening,
Endure shame, endure disgrace,
Endure suffering, endure pain,
Endure hunger, endure cold,
Endure deception, endure anger,
Endure what is right, endure what is wrong.
Reflect upon yourself in your heart.

Don’t you see...
The Buddha once had to cut his own flesh─
he had to endure!
Confucius once had starved without food─
>he had to endure!
Han Xin once had to crawl under a man’s leg─
he had to endure!
Minzi once had thin clothes in the cold─
he had to endure!
Shide once had someone spat in his face─
he had to endure!
Liu Kuan once had someone smear his clothes─
he had to endure!

Endure the good, endure the evil,
Reflect upon everything,
Swallow it whole, the thorned chestnut,
To think that this knowledge is so fundamental!

── from Liuru Jushi Quanji
(Complete Works of Layman Liuru)
NOTE: Accept the good and the bad in life. It is only by not putting your happiness and sadness in gains or losses, can one’s ability and wisdom be developed to overcome all difficulties.

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