A Piece of the Pie

We often see discord and arguments in the world. Such strife is usually caused by people not getting their piece of the pie—not getting the benefits they feel they deserve. Whether it is political parties bickering over views, lifelong friends quarreling over interests, or relatives feuding over an inheritance, it all comes down to wanting a larger piece of the pie. This common tendency amongst people reveals an ignominious aspect of the human psyche. Everyone wants a bigger piece. Even children cry and throw tantrums when they do not get their piece of the pie.

These days, it is easier for people to cooperate to overcome difficulties, but more difficult to share wealth and prosperity. Problems arise from being unable to get a piece of the pie. All kinds of hate and jealousy surface. In politics, when one party fails to pass the legislation or receive the appropriations that it wants, it seeks revenge by becoming hostile and erecting obstacles in others’ paths. When a particular business does not benefit those who seek its services, the excluded respond with criticism and negativity.

However, no amount of jealousy or resentment will help those who feel shortchanged get what they believe they were entitled to. In order to receive a piece of the pie, we must contribute and cooperate with others. If we all do our best, it is only natural we will share in the benefits.

We should refrain from trying to take a piece of someone else’s hard-earned pie. Instead, we should be sharing our pie with them. It is a virtue to refrain from jealousy toward others. We need not take it personally when to do not get a share. Chances are, the other person will remember our contribution in the future. When the time is right, the other person may repay the favor many times in return.

We should not be selfish and shortsighted in our interactions with others. Our relationships should not resemble marketplace haggling. Gains or losses are only temporary, but friendship and trust can last a lifetime. Why bicker over a piece of pie?

Anyone who is truly capable will contemplate how they can contribute, repay, and serve others. If we make good connections with others and support them, then they will naturally think of us when it comes time to share the profits.

Difficulties in life rise from our own deficiencies in spirit. It is unreasonable to expect a piece of the pie when we have been stingy with others. Before we ask the question, “Where is my share?” we should ask ourselves what we have given.