Whether it’s ruling a country or managing a family, no one can ever really escape adversity. Whether it is a politician governing a nation, a teacher instructing a class, or a merchant running a business, each one will face his or her own respective challenges. In addition, people also face adversity from aging, sickness, domestic disputes, unemployment, and medical care. We all face adversity on a daily basis.

Today we face many challenges, including economic recession, unemployment, the fight for environmental protection, political and global power struggles, and an aging population, not to mention the war against terrorism. In order to overcome these adversities we need the strength of wisdom to guide us.

The following are some suggestions on how to overcome adversity:

1. Be selfless. Adversity sometimes arises out of selfishness. When personal interest is involved and the principles of righteousness, openness, and justice are sacrificed, problems become difficult to resolve. Therefore, selflessness is the first step to success.

2. Be fair. Many interpersonal problems will inevitably surface in the face of adversity. If they are not dealt with fairly, the conflicts will worsen and the problems will not be resolved.

3. Look for the root of problems. Simply looking at the symptoms will not solve a problem. We must find its cause before curing the malady with the right prescription.

4. Confer with others. Adversity is not something a person can handle alone. We should swallow our pride and discuss problems with others in order to overcome difficulty.

5. Practice humility. Adversity is often the result of self-attachment and arrogance. These faults often make it difficult to contain a situation. If we practice humility and do not bicker with others, adversity can easily be resolved.

6. Advocate and exercise free speech. Adversity is frequently the result of a buildup of problems that eventually leads to a deadlock. We would be able to solve more problems if people spoke their minds freely and openly. The collective wisdom of many is far more effective than any individual’s.

7. Benefit all equally. Adversity arises when the minority benefits and the rest are left wanting. As a result, the majority boycotts the minority and a deadlock is created. If an enterprise is faced with setbacks, sharing the benefits with others will help break the gridlock.

8. Learn from every field. Whether we encounter problems in education, transportation, the economy, or foreign relations, we can always learn from someone else. By observing how others operate, we can always find a solution to our own problems.

Some people are good at overcoming adversity, while others lose their focus and fret at the slightest difficulty. Those who are always open and selfless always have the easiest time finding solutions. Those who are value the opinions of others and tolerant can also work their way out of adversity. Those who are willing to share the benefits with everyone will also overcome difficulties.

Are you experiencing adversity in your life? Perhaps the above suggestions will help you overcome them.