The Core Teachings

First ed 2000
Translated by Tom Graham
Second ed 2006
Translated by Pey-Rong Lee and Mu-Tzen Hsu
Third ed 2008
Fourth ed 2012

Conceived as a starting point for those coming to Buddhism for the first time, The Core Teachings is a guided tour of the most essential aspects of Buddhist wisdom and how they can be applied in our own lives and practice. Honed by Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s decades of teaching and commitment to sharing Buddhism in a straightforward, accessible way, The Core Teachings gives new life to Buddhist basics like the Four Noble Truths, karma, and the five precepts.

First published as Lotus in a Stream, this well-loved text has served as a gateway for many to bring peace and compassion into their lives. Now newly revised, expanded, and better than ever, The Core Teachings: Tenth Anniversary Edition is a worthy companion for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.