Four Insights for Finding Fulfillment

First ed 2012
Translated by Robert Smitheram

A good idea can go a long way, and the best ideas can set us free. In Four Insights for Finding Fulfillment, Venerable Master Hsing Yun puts forth four discoveries that, when practiced, can bring peace, happiness, and success. Drawn from the Diamond Sutra—one of the most read, studied, and beloved Buddhist texts throughout the world—the four insights show us how to give, how to help others, how to live our lives, and how to develop ourselves.

Wrapped in Master Hsing Yun’s penchant for storytelling and decades of Buddhist practice, Four Insights for Finding Fulfillment unlocks the Diamond Sutra like never before, guides readers to understand its essential teachings, and demonstrates how this ageless text has something to offer for all sentient beings.


Preface: Success in the Human World

  1. Parami: True Success
  2. Prajna: Life’s Secret Ingredient
  3. Vajra: Destroyer of Affliction
  4. Giving Without Notions
  5. Liberation With No Notion of Self
  6. Living Without Abiding
  7. Cultivation Without Attainment

Appendix I: Diamond Sutra

Appendix II: Verses of the Diamond Sutra