Breaking Through and Seeing Through

In order to achieve success, we need the courage to break through difficulties and obstacles that we encounter. If we do not have the courage to overcome setbacks, we may find ourselves passively “seeing through” them. However, if we cannot do either, what are we supposed to do?

Let us use an example. Two lovers may be hesitant in professing their love for each other. As time goes on, the conditions change, and the young woman is married to another young man. While the lover regrets failing to express his love, he has only himself to blame. Decades later, when they meet again, the woman relates how she had been anxiously waiting for him to propose. While the man conveys his deep remorse, the woman can only tell him that it is because he lacked the courage to break through his fears that he now must passively see through the matter.

Almost everyone in the world pursues fame and fortune. However, do we all have the courage to charge ahead and break through difficulties and obstacles? All dreams and successes in the world belong to the courageous, as they are the ones willing to overcome hardships. If we cannot bring ourselves to break through a difficult situation, why not try to find other opportunities by letting go of the matter?

During the Han Dynasty, Yan Ziling and Liu Xiu were classmates. In terms of wisdom and poise, Yan was superior. Both admired a woman called Yin Lihua, but fate decided that Liu would become the emperor and Yin his queen. In spite of his loss, Yan was still supportive of Liu, traveling the country to seek the wise and capable for Liu’s court. After Liu died, Yan paid his respect at the grave and said, “In politics, you were the victor and I the loser. In love, you also won. However, whether we win or lose, we will all end up under the yellow earth.” Yan was truly a wise man. When causes and conditions cannot be overcome, he saw through them, finding happiness in life.

In different professions, whether it be in politics, the armed forces, the sciences, or the arts, we must actively break through the limits of our wisdom, the environment, personnel, and other restrictions. The progress we make may lead us to a whole new world. If we simply go with the flow, we will only be able to passively see through the situation.

Making breakthroughs in life is taking a step forward, whereas seeing through life is taking a step back. However, just as there is a world before us, there is also a world behind us. We must be perfectly willing to accept either of these worlds. Otherwise, how will we find peace in our bodies and minds?