Communication Techniques

When pipes and ditches are clogged, our homes and lives are inconvenienced. Similarly, if the channels of communication between people are unclear, our careers, families, and personal relationships will suffer. Therefore, in order to maintain positive relations with others, it is crucial to have good communication with them. This is what people nowadays must learn to achieve.

Today, people are wary of others and distance themselves from other people. This leads to all sorts of issues: between parents, children, in-laws, relatives, friends, and neighbors. Their poor communication skills may lead to them cutting off connections for their entire lives.

Some of the obstacles to communication are poor speaking skills and improper expressions. A person may have preconceived ideas and unaccepting of other’s views. Some people are cold and indifferent, making them inapproachable. However, the hardest people to communicate with are those that try to keep a high profile at all times. They expect others to hold their views as sacred, allowing no ground for negotiation. How can anyone communicate with people like that? We must avoid being like this, going with the flow, so that others will find us easy to talk to. By being kind to others, they will find us approachable easy to connect to.

This is especially important when the purpose of communication is to reach an agreement. Consensus is not achieved by forcing others to accept our ideas. Rather, we need to see things from their perspective. Truly successful communicators can make the other party happily respects our views.

When the Buddha accepted disciples like Upali and Nidhi from the lower caste, he gave them praise, approval, and acceptance to build their self-confidence. Only then did he guide them to the doors of the Dharma. Buddhism teaches the Four Means of Embracing: The method of giving, the method of kind words, the method of altruism and beneficence, and the method of sympathy and empathy. These are the best ways to connect with others.

In addition to communication between spouses, children, friends, superiors and subordinates, or even political parties, people today must converse between countries and cultures. There should always be a fair exchange of views, ideals, practices, and beliefs. Only then can everyone coexist in harmony and tolerance.

In addition, we should communicate with ourselves every day, improving our strengths and correcting our mistakes. We need to maintain optimism in life, preventing negative emotions from accumulating within us. We should set aside any emotions that arises out of dissatisfaction or unfairness as quickly as possible. That is the most important element to good communication.