Dealing With Problems

Capable people can deal with problems effectively, while incapable ones often panic when facing dilemmas. We face many problems every day. When we wake up in the morning, we have to deal with breakfast, the phone, work, meetings, money, and many other decisions and matters. There are problems that we have to tackle daily. Have we made good use of our wisdom when solving them?

Some people fear problems and run away from them. But their procrastination leads to the matter becoming more complicated, making it more difficult to resolve. To deal with this issue in workplaces, supervisors should assist their subordinates in solving their problems. If the supervisor only imposes temporary solutions and allows problems to go on, they will lose support quickly. Some managers tend to put off decision-making, which also makes things difficult for their coworkers.

There is a popular expression in the military, “Speak up and explain clearly.” This is a good way to solve problems. One should deal with difficulties by clearly explaining the situation to others. Even if no solution can be found at the time, others can understand and be accepted by others.

The ability to deal with problems is one of the basic prerequisites for success. The following are some methods for consideration:

1. Do not make the problem bigger. According to one Chinese saying, we should “reduce the size of major matters to small ones and small matters to nil.” By being able to let go of trivial matters, problems can be easily resolved.

2. Do not underestimate problems. We must pay attention to serious problems, especially when they involve people, money, and gossip. We must be attentive when handling these problems.

3. Do not run from problems. We must face them as they come. Have at least three plans on how to overcome them.

4. Do not complicate matters. Problems need to be simplified, not complicated. When there are already difficulties, we should not complicate them by adding on other problems.

5. Do not confuse matters. In order to find the solution to a problem, we must be clear about the causes and effects. Do not lose focus of the problem. When we view them from the wrong perspective, even the best solution will not help.

6. Do not hold double standards. Sometimes, we put on different faces for different situations. But in order to prevent trouble in the future, we must be fair when solving problems.

7. Do not create problems. In an ideal world, there would be no problems. Capable people solve problems. Incapable people not only don’t solve problems, they create new ones. One should strive to be capable and refrain from creating problems.

8. Do not attach yourself to problems. There are many opinions and proposed solutions to every problem. It is important to avoid becoming attached to any of them. The ultimate solution is to rid our minds of problems completely.

We must view problems from another’s perspective and be ready to make sacrifices to deal with them. This is the highest level of problem solving.