Causes & Conditions

  • harmony-grnThe vices of the mind, the law cannot restrain; the prison of the heart, the law cannot remove.
  • Only under the law of cause and effect is fairness and justice decreed.
  • The reason to demand more is poverty; the result of joyous giving is wealth.
  • The force of a conflagration is kindled by a spark; the water that destroys mountains originates with a tiny drop.
  • Digging a well when thirsty shows lack of forethought; being conceited and rude leads to few helpful opportunities; observing without moving forward increases shame and affliction; having no sense of conscience brings misfortune upon a house.
  • Being able to hold a family, one can become the head of the household; being able to hold a country, one can become the king of the country; being able to hold a universe in your heart, one can become the master of the dharma realm. Whatever the capacity of one’s mind, the world will become just as big.