Facing Adversity

  • harmony-grnPeople with a beautiful face do not necessarily have a life that is full of happiness. People with a pure mind will be able to have a life that is full of joy.
  • Every moment is a dawn, every challenge an opportunity, every adverse circumstance a test, every good deed a creation.
  • Unpleasant things usually create the opportunity for us to be born anew; adverse conditions often reveal the way for us to succeed.
  • A person should be like a rubber ball: the harder you hit it, the higher it bounces.
  • A heart should be like a ball of dough: the more you knead it, the greater its resilience.
  • In life, only at the moment of encountering darkness, can the preciousness of brightness be displayed;
    only when conducting oneself justly— even while enduring slander, can the fragrance of character be known.
  • Money will be washed away, but not suchness. Renown and title have highs and lows, but not Buddha nature.
  • There is gossip every day, and there will always be more. There is gossip every day, but it will disappear if no one listens to it.
  • Being deserted is the unexpected rod that routs out the mentality of dependence.
  • Being praised is the breeding ground that nurtures and strengthens a helpless spirit.
  • People can have no money, but cannot have no compassion; people can have no power, but cannot have no affinity.
  • Peace is the art of etiquette; talking softly is the mark of civilization; smiling is the sunshine of relationships; trust is the friend of success. This is the protocol for modern people.
  • Ignorant people often feel that they are treated unfairly by circumstances and that their talents are not appreciated.
  • Intelligent people often say that conditions are testing them and that they can create their own future.
  • Poverty is the jade that refines determination. Lowly lot is the winter snow that matures body and mind. Adverse circumstances are the exams that test life. Affliction is the resource that attains the Way.