• harmony-grnThere is no grudge that cannot be undone; selfish desires need only to be removed.
  • There is no suffering that cannot be reconciled; clinging needs only to be let go of.
  • A smile is the most beautiful color in the world; praise is the best sound in the world.
  • Words of praise are like perfume: even a small drop will fill the air all around.
  • The voice of admonishment is like a majestic bell: even a small toll will shake the world.
  • Wealth is not a permanent friend, but friends are permanent wealth.
  • You are happy and I suffer— there is still joy.
  • You have and I do not— there is no dispute.
  • You are right and I am wrong— we have good relations.
  • You are big and I am small— we are not going to fight.
  • There is wealth in the world everywhere, but it depends on good deeds, good words and a good heart.
  • There is auspice in the human world at all times, but it depends on true affection, righteousness and a good aim.
  • Have a mouth full of good words.
  • Have a hand full of good deeds.
  • Have a face full of smiles.
  • Have a heart full of joy.
  • The base consider their own faults to be the fault of others: they often blame everyone but themselves.
  • The virtuous consider others’ faults to be their own fault: they often examine their own conscience and blame themselves.
  • Conducting oneself should be as noble as mountains; handling life’s affairs should be as fluid as water.
  • Talking is like shooting an arrow: once a word goes out, you cannot retrieve it; thus, we should be prudent when making statements.
  • Worries are like weeds: once they take root, you cannot burn them down; thus, we should guard our minds against faults.
  • Broken things can be restored, but not broken affection and honor; thus, we should treasure friendship.
  • Lost wealth can be regained, but not time; thus, we should treasure time.
  • Enthusiasm should follow the Way; bravery should join forces with reason.
  • A gentle voice is more touching than an splendid song; a cynical tone is a sharp arrow that hurts others as well as self.
  • Character is built on non-selfishness; success is based on non-opportunism.
  • We were born with two eyes and ears; thus, we should look and listen more.
  • We were born with only one mouth; thus, we should talk less.
  • Language —should be like sunshine and convey a bright view,
    —should be like a flower and convey fragrant thought,
    —should be like pure water and convey clear ideas.
  • Treating others should be gentle like a spring breeze.
  • Conducting oneself should be pure like a summer lotus.
  • Disciplining oneself should be rigorous like the autumn air.
  • Benefiting others should be warm like the winter sun.
  • In conducting oneself, one should be
    like a mirror— examining and reflecting upon self constantly,
    like a suitcase— carried and set down freely at any time,
    like a notebook— recording merits and demerits continuously,
    like a candle— shining upon others forever,
    like a clock— treasuring life every minute and second.
  • With people and affairs, I should be like water:
    —encountering mountains, water turns;
    —encountering the coast, water turns;
    —encountering rocks, water turns.
    No matter whom I encounter, I turn.
  • I would rather be a flower, spreading sweet air and giving people fragrance.
  • I would rather be a bridge, linking everyone’s transit and giving people convenience.
  • I would rather be a tree, protecting thousands of pedestrians and giving cool freshness.
  • I would rather be a pond, nourishing travelers’ minds and quenching people’s thirst.
  • I would rather be a lamp, illuminating the road in the darkness and giving people brightness.