Pearls of Wisdom:
A Prayer to Form Good Affinities Broadly

Fo Guang Shan International Translation Center

©All rights reserved.

Written by Venerable Master Hsing Yun

Recorded by Amanda Ling

– 1 –

Oh great, compassionate Buddha!

The moment you attained enlightenment,

You proclaimed, “All phenomena

Arise from dependent origination.”

Thereafter, the world had promise;

Thereafter, humankind had hope.

– 2 –

Only when we realize the importance of causes and conditions,

Will we know how to maintain this future through good affinities.

Oh great, compassionate Buddha!

From the moment I took refuge,

I accepted your Truth without hesitation.

– 3 –

I have followed your benevolent instruction

To form healthy relationships with the Earth and with all beings.

Oh Buddha!

We have witnessed monastic communities

Carrying out your teachings.

They construct houses, run schools, and promote environmental protection.

– 4 –

We have also witnessed many monastics traveling to teach the Dharma.

We can learn by their example.

Oh Buddha!

We are disciples;

We are lay devotees,

And we work and volunteer

Where your teachings and our hearts take us.

– 5 –

Through these efforts, we build the foundation

Of a successful and hopeful future.

Oh great, compassionate Buddha!

To help others in need,

Some of us act as first responders to disasters,

Some of us transfer our merits and bless others through Dharma services at the temples.

– 6 –

Oh Buddha!

Please give me the strength to advance along the road to enlightenment with determination and courage.

Please give me the faith to surmount the barriers of delusion on the way to Buddhahood,

And to never lose sight of your teachings.

– 7 –

Some of us establish charitable organizations, start businesses, and publish the discourses of the Buddha.

We design bridges, pave roads, build shelters, and plant forests.

Oh Buddha!

Even a single, kind word is like a warm fire in the dead of winter.

A single lantern in the dark is like the sun at high noon.

– 8 –

Just one meal may allow a hungry person to survive.

Just one umbrella may give joy to a stranger in the rain.

May we continue to learn through your compassion.

Oh great, compassionate Buddha!

I pray to you to protect all of those who give and receive.

May everyone be able to perceive the harmony in the Dharma realms.

May everyone be able to see the Buddha

In themselves and in the sincerity of others.

Oh great, compassionate Buddha,

Please accept my sincere prayer!

Please accept my sincere prayer!