The Best Gift

Giving gifts is an art form. People have give gifts to others as gestures of care, gratitude, and well-wishing. However, for a gift to have true worth and value, it should be given appropriately. Otherwise, they cause embarrassment, trouble, or even displeasure, thus losing their meaning.

For instance, if we give a diabetic a box of candy, we are being inconsiderate of their situation. People often bring flowers to hospital patients, but many people are allergic to pollen, or harmful microorganisms that cling to plants. Another example is gifts of medication, special treatments, and tonics for the sick. Though it seems appropriate, But it is important to be careful that the remedies are appropriate for the illness, or they actually prove harmful for the patient. Similarly, many consider gifts of food such as cookies or cakes as suitable. However, they do not realize that food with little nutritional value hinders the patient’s recovery.

What are appropriate gifts? Nowadays, people like to give books, gift cards, prayer beads, or subscriptions to papers and magazines. These are meaningful gifts. But the most appropriate gifts we can give our friends are those that can truly benefit them upon receipt. Sound advice is such a gift. While advice may sometimes be hard to take, it shows them that we care. What is the best gift? Joy is the best gift! Gifts of diamonds and jewelry may not bring joy if the recipient does not like them. Bringing them happiness is far more reliable. Similarly, respect and acceptance are also great gifts.

Appropriate gifts enhance friendships. The best gifts between spouses are mutual trust, understanding, love, and support. The best gifts parents can give their children are education and the cultivation of right views, as well as skills and knowledge that will help them cope with life. The best gifts children can give their parents are respect and appreciation of their hard work, in addition to keeping them from anger or worry.

It is normal to give presents on special occasions such as Christmas, the New Year, birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming events, promotions, and graduations. However, in times of need, loss, and grief, more is needed. Offering helping hand, a caring gesture, and words of comfort are all appropriate responses. Good causes and conditions, strength, knowledge, skills, and chances to start anew are truly the best gifts of all.