To Panic Is to Err

When handling situations, some people easily panic, while others remain calm and composed. If we remain calm, we can easily accomplish tasks. But if we panic, it is difficult to do a good job. We should always be composed in whatever we do, taking things one step at a time, completing one task after another. However, taking things a step at a time does not mean doing things slowly or delaying matters. If we simply go through the motions and look for easy tasks, we are wasting time and perform poorly. The best attitude to be relaxed without being lazy, and cautious without panicking.

Human beings easily make mistakes when panicked. We say the wrong things, mess up our tasks, open the wrong mail, knock on the wrong door, take the wrong medicine, or even mistake something inedible as food. If we panic when driving, we may even step on the gas pedal instead of the brakes. That could be disastrous!

There was once a woman who panicked easily. One day, she received an emergency call from her family. She immediately grabbed her baby from her bed and hurried to their house. On the way, she went through a melon patch and, in the rush, tripped over the vines. Her baby fell from her arms onto the ground. She got up and picked up her child, then hastily went on her way. But after she got to the house, she discovered that she was not carrying her baby. She was holding on to a melon! Realizing her mistake, she broke down in tears.

Upon seeing this, her older brothers calmed her down and went with her to the melon patch to look for her baby. However, the baby was nowhere to be found. They only found a pillow, which turned out to be what she had carried out from her home in the first place. The anxious woman then hurried home with her pillow, only to discover that her baby was still sound asleep in her bed. Upon hearing her story, her in-laws burst out laughing and exclaimed, “You are too easily panic-stricken!”

Such scenarios take place in our everyday lives. Those waiting for new from a loved one are restless all day long. Likewise, others watching the stock market skyrocketing or plunging with their nerves tense, not knowing what to do in the meantime. Some sweat profusely over small matters, while others simply lose control in a blind panic. When we are panicked or nervous, we often ruin what we set out to accomplish.

We must stay calm and think clearly in any situation. When we panic, we may say something we’ll regret, make the wrong decision, lose the balance of body and mind, or cloud our perspectives. To panic is to err. We must all watch out for this!