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365 Days for Travelers


Venerable Master Hsing Yun (1927 - , Fo Guang Shan)
English translation: FGS Nan Tien Temple Translation Committee

1. The foremost enemy in life is oneself.
2. The foremost disease in life is selfishness.
3. The foremost sadness in life is ignorance.
4. The foremost error in life is delusion.
5. The foremost failure in life is arrogance.
6. The foremost defilement in life is desire.
7. The foremost ignorance in life is to complain.
8. The foremost worry in life is birth and death.
9. The foremost default in life is infringement.
10. The foremost problem in life is understanding right and wrong.
11. The foremost virtue in life is compassion.
12. The foremost courage in life is to admit mistakes.
13. The foremost reward in life is contentment.
14. The foremost energy in life is religious faith.
15. The foremost possession in life is gratitude.
16. The foremost cultivation in life is magnanimity.
17. The foremost asset in life is dignity.
18. The foremost happiness in life is spiritual joy.
19. The foremost hope in life is peace.
20. The foremost devotion in life is to benefit beings.

── from Mindful Wisdom, Heartful Joy

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Wealth is not a permanent friend,
but friends are permanent wealth.

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