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Buddhism and Healing

  • Buddhism and Healing I    14:06
  • Buddhism and Healing II    8:11
  • Buddhism and Healing III    10:15
  • Buddhism and Healing IV    17:37
  • Buddhism and Healing V    9:48
  • Buddhism and Healing VI    4:21

Fo Guang Shan International Translation Center
©All rights reserved.
Written by Venerable Master Hsing Yun

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Humble Table, Wise Fare


Recorded by Leann Moore         0:18

The vices of the mind,
the law cannot restrain;
the prison of the heart,
the law cannot remove.
Only under the law of cause and effect
is fairness and justice decreed.

Dharma Instruments

Venerable Master Hsing Yun grants voices to the objects of daily monastic life to tell their stories in this collection of first-person narratives.

Sutras Chanting

The Medicine Buddha SutraMedicine Buddha, the Buddha of healing in Chinese Buddhism, is believed to cure all suffering (both physical and mental) of sentient beings. The Medicine Buddha Sutra is commonly chanted and recited in Buddhist monasteries, and the Medicine Buddha’s twelve great vows are widely praised.


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